About Station 2-1-1

Station 2-1-1 is an upcoming sci-fi TV drama series based around mysterious events and activities on a secret German base in Antarctica. The series was created by Martin Nuza, Russell Gow and Edward Collins. Online Store and Artwork designed by Thomas Hauser.


In Antarctica, a team of scientists encounter an obscure viral agent; a British team of scientists have gone missing; and satellite images capture an unnatural object buried beneath the ice. The United Nations recruit a team representing British and US branches to seek answers, assigning former 22SAS Sergeant Major Alexander Richards to lead the mission. Alex convinces long-time family friend and history professor Einar Jepperson, to accompany him as an ally. Embarking on the Polar 20 Class research ice breaker “The Belle Larsen,” Alexis met with several obstacles for which he is ill-equipped. When Alex discovers that the ship’s navigational system has been tampered with, he realizes there is a saboteur onboard attempting to keep them from reaching their destination. When Einar reveals the real reason, he agreed to join the mission (his daughter Sara was part of the British team that has gone missing), Alex becomes enraged, as he is still in love with Sara. Whilst on the ship, they come across “The Deng Huiliang”, a merchant ship that has run aground on the ice.

When Alex and his Special Forces unit board the ship to provide assistance, they are met with strange and unnatural forces, and Alex realizes that what they are dealing with is not human. When they arrive at the Belgium Antarctica Research Station, they discover a hidden area, Station 2-1-1. As Alex and his team cross this threshold, they enter a parallel world full of unsolved mysteries, buried truths, and secrets that have been kept hidden for as far back as the time of the Knights Templar. Secrets, not of this world, abound: alien beings who have walked this earth. A source of power capable of actions beyond our wildest imagination. Unknowingly, Alex, Einar, and their teams have embarked on a mission to save the world.

They Didn't want to be found... we found them...