Print Quality

Station 2-1-1 vendors use direct-to-garment or DTG printing for most of our apparel products. It’s like using a regular printer, but on garments. Designs are printed directly onto the garment and absorbed into the fabric.

DTG printing yields quality prints, it's cost-effective for one-off orders, and there's almost no limit to the colors and fine detail used in our designs.

DTG inks are eco-friendly, CPSIA-compliant, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and soluble in water. They're free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE).

Our vendors also use embroidery; it is a technique where the design is embroidered on a product. It’s great for finer details, also logos and texts. We offer embroidery on hats, apparel, bags, and home & living items.